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In-House Hunting Lessons (a.k.a. Joy of Cathood)

Ming has definitely decided it's time to teach Circe to hunt. Friday night, he brought her a young rat, sort of softened up a bit, put it down, and let her take over from there. Since I am firmly against hunting lessons in my kitchen, the rat was retrieved by his tail from attempting to hide behind the cat chow (ironic that), deposited in a box, and deposited outside. Much to the disappointment of both. I have no idea of said rat's eventual fate, but the box had been moved 6 feet by morning.

So I get in on Saturday night, having this nagging feeling I haven't seen the last of the Great Siamese Hunter routine. Things were quiet...for about an hour. Then I hear the low "mmmmmphf" noise Ming makes when his mouth is full. This time, it's a mouse. He refuses to spit it out. Circe comes by, and he spits it out at her feet. Now, I figure this mouse is dead, because it just lands "plop" and she pounces on it. So I go to get a paper towel and a dustpan to remove the remains from the hallway. But when I get back, there is no mouse. Two cats are sitting around essentially whistling and saying "Mouse? What mouse? Surely you are mistaken!" So there is a mouse loose somewhere in the house, now.

I think I have an idea, as of this morning, of where it might be. Circe is sitting intently staring at the linen closet, and Hobbes circled past it and peered under the door at one point. However, I am not about to go digging in the piles of old dustcloths and picture frames and vaccuum cleaner tools that inhabit the bottom of the linen closet, when I need to get to work. Sooner or later, the mouse will venture out, and one of the Great Feline Hunters will take care of the problem. I need to convince Ming to keep his trophies *outside.* His cat logic probably will argue that since Circe doesn't go outdoors, he has to bring these things inside, if he's ever going to teach her hunting.

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