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Lack of focus

I just haven't been able to focus for more than a few minutes at a time, today. Not good. It seems to be a carryover from the weekend, when I was having this same problem, including reading something and it not hitting the comprehension circuits. I didn't get as much done around the house, either, because (aside from going to Marilyn's 70th birthday party), I just couldn't work myself into much more ambition than laundry and dishes. But those two are related to meditation, anyway.

I did handsewing and embroidery this weekend, because my mind kept saying "I want to engage in low-stress (mindless) acts of creation." I finally finished the Eternal Pillowcase. The first of the pair was completed (ahem) over 5 years ago, mostly over a Christmas holiday, and a couple months beyond. The second has been dragging on forever. Of course, I can't just do quick-and-dirty pillowcase embroidery, like everyone else. No, this had to be the teensy-stitch masterwork, one of the ones where you stop counting hours after it goes over 40. I started working on it again last month, and had put a few more hours in. So, it got 6 or 7 hours over the weekend, and finally was finished. Along with my 1840's sunbonnet, that I started earlier this year, because I needed a new one for living history. Brim stiffened with rows of kitchen string sewed between the layers, all by hand, of course. (Yeah, copied from an original, but not on such an insane scale as the original, or it would have been another 5-year project.) Sometimes, you just need a complete change of pace.

But I'd hoped it had cured my lack of meaningful connections in my head. I guess not. Of course, staring at kimono on the net, when I stop focusing, isn't going to fix that. But maybe writing in LJ will help.

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