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Rodentia report

After a foray elsewhere (the cats lost interest in the linen closet, temporarily), the now-resident mouse seems to be back in residence amid the frames and housekeeping supplies. At least, there were many paws being run under the door last night, as cats went mouse-fishing (unsuccessfully).
I'm practical enough to prefer knowing where the mouse is to not knowing. (I have this thought of it residing under the refrigerator and passing away there...) So I decided to induce the mouse to stay in the closet until I can try to excavate in there (and hopefully capture it), this weekend. There is now a bottlecap of water in the front of the closet, and I put a slightly moldy dried apricot (last of this year's crop) on the floor in the front of the closet, last night. It was gone, this morning. Hopefully, the mouse will sit tight until Saturday. And I will be better at mouse-catching than the cats.
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