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Near miss week

Unfortunately, near miss week wasn't all near misses. I managed to get kicked in the head in capoeria class, by one of the advanced students. "I thought you were getting out of the way." I was, but not fast enough. Fortunately, it was only a glancing blow, but enough to make my ears ring, and give me even more respect for the art.

But a friend's wife was more than a near miss, unless you recognise it as a near miss with dying. It's still not the best odds, with them giving her a little better than 50/50 for survival, as of last night. It was a near thing when she came in. Gangrene up the back of her leg. They had to remove a huge patch of necrotic tissue. No one knows the how and why. I have my personal theory, which involves pallates of Sears returned merchandise she's been buying and selling, and brown recluse spiders. It fits the profile of someone I know who was bit by one. But he's been pulling a lot of energy off me, because I'm one of the few he can... It's a chain, and if I can be a conduit for healing energy, well it's a good thing.

Need to check another friend who was in the hospital with severe pneumonia. It's been one of those....

I did a lot of cooking yesterday, and ironing today. These two activities are how I rest and reenergize myself. The cooking is part of my creative side, and helps put me into an up mood. Ironing is like meditation, and I love doing it. Something about watching the fabric transform, and the soothing action of running the iron over the fabric. Whatever it is, I find ironing tremendously grounding

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