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In the good news...

I hear that of the SUVs tested for tendency to roll over, the Ford Sport Trak was the least prone to it. Well yeah, but it's really a pickup truck on an Explorer frame. Still, since I'm driving one, it further convinces me that this was a Good Choice.

And I'm getting a new carriage for my cannon! My friend Bob informed me that I should bring my trailer, but not the cannon, to the Fresno event in September. I had thought he was going to let me have his old limber wheels, but it turns out he's been working on a surprise for me. After the carriage for his Blakely was destroyed in a highway accident a few years back, he salvaged a few pieces like the axel, and restored the trail piece, and has put it together for me with the wheels. I'll still need to do a lot of rebuilding (cheeks, hardware, etc.) before I can fit my tube on, but I will finally have an authentic full-scale carriage! Which he says will give me a reasonable approximation of an English field gun, since the tube fits into the correct sizing range. And I'll finally have wheels that roll decently in both directions! I am so jazzed! (This posting is best appreciated by artillery geeks, I know.)

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