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My weekend

Well, I ended up wimping out on the Civil War event. I went home with a migraine on Saturday night, and spent Sunday popping painkillers and doing some housework. Of course, I still ended up being a "fill in" First Sergeant, and somehow got conned into volunteering to run for the position for next years, besides doing a couple skirmishes. (I won't call them battles, as I don't think there were enough people to qualify, and we outnumbered the Yankees 2-to-1. And artillery outnumbered the infantry.)

I also decided to take a chance and follow "Old Stage Road" back, since I was doing fairly well on aspirin, at that point, and hitting up the Salinas Valley stretch of 101 wasn't appealing. So I discovered a secret route to San Juan Bautista that was obviously how people travelled that stretch in "my" era of the 1830's to 1860's. It was also gratifying to find a place where I could travel for miles and not see a single sign of civilization, and see long-horned Californio cattle grazing in the back country.

I just kept getting up, medicating my migraine, and going back to bed/sleep on Sunday morning. I felt like such a wuss, but I also figured my body really did know best, and what it really wanted to do was take some downtime, rather than pushing on, like my inner slavedriver wanted. I guess part of getting older is finally starting to listen to that inner common sense. I suspect I'm functional today because I didn't push the issue.

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