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Taking the plunge on the roofing...

Well, after procrastinating for a couple months (funny how spending lots of money, even on a good investment like a roof will do that), I finally took the plunge. The roofing estimator is coming out on Thursday to figure out how much a new roof is going to cost me. After years of spot patching the tar and gravel, and suffering through numerous floods, when things wore through or (shudder) rose above the seam line, I have decided to go for a new foam roof. The problem with tar and gravel is that it wears little river deltas through the roofing material, as the gravel comes loose and abrades the surface.

I hear that foam has good insulating properties, too. It would be nice if it regulated the interior temperature a bit.

I know the roof will be a good investment. Rather the way the new furnace was a good investment. They're not glamorous, but you come to appreciate them.
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