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A rustle of file folders...

I have a T-shirt I once made, saying "That's how Freedom will end: with a rustle of file folders." It's slightly shortened to remove the "not with a bang, but..."

I've been hearing that rustling getting awfully loud, lately. A friend once said if you can't outlaw something entirely, regulate it until you've essentially accomplished exactly that.

And so we have "regulated" free speech, where some speech is freer than other speech. And are you in the designated free speech zone?
We have "regulated" search and seizure---want to fly? Because you've now agreed to be searched for whatever. Hey, we can also do random stops and confiscate whatever we want, because of an innuendo of wrongdoing. You want it back? Sorry.
You have the right to keep and bear arms. As long as it's not on the banned list. Oh, and did we mention that there's a loophole that says the second amendment doesn't mention ammunition?

Little by little, they sculpt away at our freedoms.

I hear a friend on the Civil War circuit just had his application for a license to purchase bulk black powder turned down. Why? He was arrested for failure to pay child support, in 1962. (He said the original matter was resolved when he appeared in court in a body cast from the motorcycle accident that had kept him from working as a machinist, and agreed to pay token increments.) Apparently, the BATF has said it's up to him to prove the matter was resolved out of court and didn't involve more serious crimes, because they can find an arrest record, but no records of the resolution. (Maybe because there was never a trial?)

Notice that there is a new line creeping in here: guilty until proven innocent. At least if you want a permit for something involving a background check, like black powder. For a child support issue in 1962. It's a nice follow-on to the current seizure policy, which says they can keep property even if no charges are ever brought. (In this case, I'm sure Diane Feinstein, who has vowed to shut down war reenactments) is chortling.

Good grief, what's next?

Actually, I was thinking that the next step might involve people who were arrested for protesting some sort of Civil policy ending up on the no-fly list. If they aren't already. Because people who have only used their right of free speech have ended up there, already...

Hmm, suddenly it's not just folders rustling...I swear I heard a vault door boom shut, somewhere in the distance...

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