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Time for a loan...the roof saga continues

Houses are money sinks. However, I NEED a new roof, and I don't want to continue the tar-and-gravel saga and its spectacular leaks. I'm impressed with the foam roofing. Enough that I put the deposit down on it. However, wow, I guess I'm still thinking 1997 prices, which is the last time anyone I know redid their roof. But I hate to think what this would be costing me if I hadn't decided to call them during their 15% off sale. But I definitely need take all the paperwork and application back to my credit union and get a home equity line of credit.

However, like the new furnace, I'm sure it will be a good investment. The quality of the product is worth it. It's just that the initial cost can be a little unnerving. But it seems like every time I feel I've just reached a point where I have a slight amount of financial breathing room, something expensive appears to impact on that.

I bought a couple lottery tickets today, since the prize is huge. I'll settle for a secondary win that covers the roof. ;-)

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