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This mouse thing is getting old

It was 3 am, and I guess I'm sensitized now, so I wake up to suspicious cat noises. I'm hearing "mmmmm" at the foot of my bed.
This time, Ming is NOT giving Circe the mouse. (I can just hear this discussion of "Oh no, I gave you the mouse last time, and you let it get away and hide in the closet...") We had a little discussion, because he was against giving it to me, either. Finally, he spit it out, into one of my shoes. It lay in the shoe, twitching, and I covered the shoe with a box of tissues and took it outside. Ming didn't follow. (There was no mouse in the shoe in the driveway this morning, so the ultimate fate of said rodent is uncertain.)
Needless to say, I had trouble going back to sleep after this episode.

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