Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Between tomatos

I can tell the weather here has been hot/cold/hot/cold. I was flush with tomatos, a few weeks ago, and now I seem to have a ton of tomatos in various stages of green-ness, but nothing ripe, and not likely to be so within the next few days. This has been the status for the past week. The basil is growing again, though. I hope the ripe tomatos and basil come on together.

On the other hand, I currently have a lot of baby lima beans, though I suspect that when they are a bit plumper, it will still only be enough for one meal. Baby limas are mostly pod. And the 8-Ball zucchini is ever-gratifying. But I still haven't been able to convince the eggplant to set any fruit at all. It's bloomed, but the blossoms always just fall off.
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