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Cast Iron Chef

This weekend, I enter Cast Iron Chef. They give you the theme ingredient, and you have three hours to create a dish featuring it, using only period methods, equipment, and ingredients.

I did something that I suspect not many do. I asked for the interpretive period for the ingredients. I cited that potatos might pass for 1750, but they were right out for 1550. The guy actually had to go consult with the judges, but he got back to me. He said they don't generally make it known, but they're looking for 16th century, since this is being held at a jousting competition. They mark down for later ingredients, though they don't publicize it. I think they actually told me because I was the first one who bothered to ask! And who has a clue that things that win competitions in the SCA might be improper if one were actually being authentic. I think I like this crowd, already.
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