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Are journalist survey-creators stupid?

Under a heading and intro paragraph on Netscape News, about a bull elk attacking a Yellowstone visitor who snapped a flash photo from 10 feet away: "Are wild animals dangerous?" Well, duh!

Most the responses have been "what a stupid question and stupid tourist." There was also a "Sure, blame the animal for idiots..." A better question would be "Are tourists stupid?" Duh, bull elk, rutting season, stands head-height at shoulder and has a huge rack of sharp pointy things on its head. I've seen these big boys closer than I wanted (a young male charging up a trail after being run off by the dominant bull) and all I wanted to do was get well away from any place he wanted to go. But then, I like to think I have both a functioning brain and survival instincts.

Ooh, let's feed that bear cub some food...it's so cuuuuuuteee... Aaaaaaahhhhhh!

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