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The Day the Net Stood Still...

I was reflecting on how a recent survey showed how dependant people have become on internet access. People talked about how they couldn't function if they couldn't get on the net for a few days.

As a long-term tekkie, I still have an inherent distrust of the system, because I work with software (and hardware) developers every day. I know how bad things can be. I know how things get pushed out the door when they're not ready for primetime. People should have a plan in place for when there comes a day when the entire Internet crashes for a couple hours. Think it can't happen? I'm not so sure.

Let's see, PayPal still claims not to be sure why their system is screwed. Theories abound, and they've managed to get it up "intermittently" but still aren't sure of a root cause. Which means they were getting it back on line by doing the moral equivalent of banging on it with a hammer. "Hey, it's up, now! Great! Um, what did we do?" This does not inspire confidence.

And I've been checking the net. It's not just PayPal that's been having problems. I got suspicious when I found out that the portal for the National Civil War Association web sit crashed, and they couldn't get it to work again. For those of us who opted to get our newsletter by logging onto the site (for a reduced membership fee), we received our latest newsletter in email. Funny, from what I'm seeing, there has been a lot of this going on. And could it be a coincidence that it seems to tally well with the deployment of Microschlock's latest service pack?

One wants to say "You have been warned. Have your backup in place. Be prepared for when the net goes down, or the ATM, or the gas pump, doesn't function." But people won't. Look how many people aren't prepared for natural disasters. (Water, food, batteries, fugedaboutit!) Everyone wants to believe that the infrastructure is infallible, that the world is not a place that runs by the laws of Murphy. Hah. Dream on.

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