Jilara (jilara) wrote,

My dreams should be movies...

Last night, I had a doozie.

Civilization had fallen, well, sort of. It was the Bay Area after a complete collapse of the economy, and people were living in a weird poverty lifestyle that was like something out of the Provisional Government after the collapse of Imperial Russia, pre-Bolshevik. And the modern Bolsheviks, in the form of a revived Weather Underground, aka the old Weathermen of the '60's had revived, and were making bombs in Berkeley again, to bring about the final collapse of "the decadent American society" they said, but actually they were more like gangs who wanted to control the remaining resources (mostly food, water, and gas/oil) for themselves. And I was an agent infiltrating cells and spying on them. They caught on to me, and I had to find a safe house to hide out in, in Berkeley, and ended up at my friend Rita's, who said she could protect me because she was a REAL old '60's radical, who still had connections, not like these upstarts. So then we started a new network, to protect the real radicals being confused with the Weathermen revival, and it became spy-vs-spy, with the Weathermen becoming more and more in the mode of terrorists, and us trying to stop them. In the latest episode, before I woke up, they had poisoned the water supply by dumping huge amounts of salt into all the few wells still operating (water was rationed), and we were trying to figure a way of getting water to the people of Berkeley before they all died of thirst.

One thing I'll say is that my dreams are more interesting than some novels I've read. I suspect some of this came from the fact that, for those of us who actually remember the '60's (and have read a lot of history), terrorism really isn't anything new. It just has different faces and aspects.

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