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My migraines

Well, having noticed that my migraine headaches seem to have gotten worse and more frequent in the past year, I decided to check a suspicion on the net. Bingo. It's the encroach of menopause.

"The worsening of migraine just prior to menopause in some women may be related to hormone fluctuations. As menopause progresses, the plasma levels of sex steroids decline and migraine headaches frequently abate. Researchers feel that, at least in part, these changing levels of hormones cause headache for some women." It also has the comforting statement that hormone replacement therapy can keep them going indefinitely, in some women. Well, if I needed any further inducement NOT to do HRT, there it is.

Well, there is Yet Another Cause of my migraines. I get them from electrolyte depletion, too, and I suspect at least one reaction to something environmental (grass pollen?). I suppose I should just get into the trip experience, with the nifty little sparkle lights and pulsing shadows, and the sometimes hypersensitivity to smells (I've actually been able to follow scent-trails like a dog, on occasion). I'd rather not have the nausea, though, thank you. And aspirin does seem to at least take the edge off the pain, though not the other symptoms. (Tylenol just relocates the pain, so I don't bother. It works with regular headaches, but not my migraines.) Maybe I should check out the new migraine-specific stuff, and see if it makes all those fun lights and shadows and nausea better.

Yeah, this is day 2 of yet another Nasty Migraine.

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