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Hmm, I knew I had distinguishing interests...

Oh sure, anyone can be into swords, or Civil War, or whatever, but it takes a certain kind of person to be both a warrior woman and into historical artillery. (Add in cooking and ethnobotany, and I probably have a leek tied to my rammer, and a banner of cookpot and cannon (like the frontispiece of Alexis Soyer's Crimean War book, where he is proposing a new army diet).

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cats (130226)
food (133234)
cooking (80297)
history (62836)
ireland (24736)
martial arts (21538)
swords (25073)
archeology (1931)
celtic music (6443)
civil war (1141)
herbalism (2198)
iron chef (5265)
mysticism (4663)
vintage clothing (6469)
world music (1786)
birding (334)
black powder (58)
chili (656)
cookbooks (724)
ethnobotany (238)
folk rock (708)
kimono (707)
living history (202)
warrior women (61)
historical artillery (1)

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