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The Roof, just in time...

I had to go up to sweep off the leaf debris from the roof of the screen room, so I inspected the new foam roof. Good thing I did. Some moron, in his infinite wisdom, had put a *mesh grate* over the drain to the downspout. It was already full of debris, which means that yesterday's cloudburst would have created a nice little wading pool up there. I couldn't help wondering what they were thinking, since these are *professional roofers,* for pete's sake. This hole drains the entire roof, the *only* drain for the entire roof. Fortunately, with a little wiggling, it came off. Problem solved. Aside from that, it looked pretty good.

While I was up there, I cut off a lot of branches that were in the way, and cleaned out the gutters. The gutters were full of an interesting compost made of gravel from the old roof mixed with black leaf muck. I spread the buckets out on the backyard, figuring it will add something nice as an upper layer of soil, since it was brown and mucky, like river bottom. (Funny about that.) There was still a layer of dirt at the bottom, but I'm hoping it will wash down with the rain, now that all the binding agents are gone. If not, I get to go up and dish out the last of the gutter compost dirt after the next rainstorm. At least they won't be flooding out because they were three-quarters full of gunk.

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