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I saw Zeus!

No, really, I SAW ZEUS on my lunch hour!
I was on the 101 flyover of the Guadalupe Parkway, and the light was just right, illumining the edges of the thunderheads. And there he was, leaning on one arm, with the other lying atop the cloud in front of him, looking toward the Coyote Valley (left), golden light outlining his profile and cheekbones and picking up highlights in his hair. It was the whole Maxfield Parrish light effect. And I desperately wanted a camera! Because the image was *perfect.* Then the clouds shifted, and he was gone, just like that. Wow. He looks just like those classical statues of him. That's how I knew it was Zeus. ;-) Rather far from Olympus. Maybe he's checking out the volcanos of the west coast, looking for a place to vacation.
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