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Fruitbats eating my brain

I'm sick of body rot, right now. I have this cough that came with the cold I got this time last week, and won't go away. I just talked to two of the QA guys, and we compared symptoms. I'm actually doing better than they were. But it's put me down and out of capoeira class this week, because I don't really want to cough up a lung. Add the latest migraine.

Funny, migraines seem to come with work. And the stress levels going up and up... Now, popping asperin (non-asperin just relocates the pain) doesn't completely take it away. It takes away the pain component, but there's a kind of spacial distortion that's left behind. Now, and add in a good cough and get fireworks effects. Just think, there are people who pay money for drugs that do this sort of thing. They can have my migraine any time they want it.

Once upon a time, being a tech writer was a great job. I've always been a geek girl, so I've hung out with all those wild and crazy types who pretty much originated the current tech industry. I was documenting circuit diagrams and playing with early artificial intelligence programs in a garage in Santa Maria in the late '70's. (I managed to make Lisa, the online shrink program, paranoid. Whee!) We were all a little bit loco. That's what made tech great. That was then, this is now. The era of joyless bean counters, who don't understand that it was weirdness that made tech work, is upon us. It's all a Dilbert world...

Still, it was fun here, at this latest job, because I got to dig into ancient legacy code, and figure out how long-forgotten pieces of our home-grown help system worked, things like that. But now, it's just stress, and the sharks circling in the reef, looking for the weak. My boss is still terrific, but we're down to two writers and her, and all my buddies in Product Support and Training, whom I leveraged for expertise, have been laid off. And the work keeps being heaped on us. More than two mortals and half a manager (the other half is now a writer, too) can manage. It's insane.

I need Rumplestiltskin. Oh wait, he'd probably want one of my cats. Oh yes, I know just which one, heh, heh, heh....

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