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Books and libraries

Hmm, I was realizing that the earliest fantasy heroines I wrote about, back when I was in Jr. High, were librarians. In my dreams, I wander these amazing libraries full of volumes going from the present day to the dawn of time. The idea of being a librarian in a fantasy world is infinitely appealing.

That must be why I seem to be recreating Great Libraries! I'm off to the rare book fair this weekend, even though I know I really can't afford anything, because I simply have to see what's out there. (Besides, I just bought another 18th century cookbook from one of my "pet" dealers in England. He's going to be at the book fair, so I'll just bop by and say hi, see what he can try to tempt me with. ;-) EBooks will never compete with tomes in not just leather, but 19th century gilt and buckram trade bindings... Captain Picard's taste in books always struck me. So much knowledge, good quality stuff, not like the net... (Oops, did I say that?)

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