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Margaret Hassan - too ghastly to contemplate

When Al-Jazeera refuses to air a tape saying it's too graphic, things are bad. These folks aren't particularily squeamish. But that's what they said of the latest tape of Margaret Hassan, the Irish-born Iraqi citizen who heads up CARE in Iraq. What are they doing, cutting off/mutilating body parts? I don't know if I want to know.

But basically, what this shows is that these are people who probably eat their children. People who torture humanitarian workers who are helping their own people are beyond psychopathic. Think of the worst propaganda posters of elder wars, and it's probably all true. Death is too good for these people. And I can only hope it turns everyone in the Middle East's stomachs enough that they turn on them in a deserved Jehad and hunt them down like rabid plague rats. Except that's libeling rabid plague rats.

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