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More delicious topics

Leaving your regularily-scheduled political discussion, I turn to food. More specifically, ice cream.

After many misadventures of lost orders and refunds/reorders, the ice cream machine has finally arrived. Not one of the battery operated ones that I've had so many problems with instantly ceasing to function, but one that plugs into a wall socket. Still cheaply made, but this isn't the $250 gelato machine, either. I have all these recipes for great frozen desserts dating back to 1760, and want to experiment.

The intriguing one (from 1902) is the dairy-free "ice cream" made with a base of bananas. That's a must, as is "angel ice cream" made with milk and mirangue. The 1810 green tea ice cream will probably be one of the first experiments, along with the two mentioned above. Most of these recipes aren't heavy on either sugar or cream, which is interesting. I think a lot of the recipes for heavy fat and sugar ice creams are a later innovation. Even the term "cream" doesn't necessarily mean dairy cream. It could just as easily be barley cream, in the period context. It merely describes the creamy texture of the product. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun.
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