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Those Wacky Govt. Regulators at work again!

The things you learn from reading ebay bulletin boards...

Apparently, the FTC has got a bee in its bonnet about 9kt gold. Oops, the "gold-tone metal formerly known as 9 kt." You are now no longer allowed to refer to 9 kt gold as such. This also has the antique/estate jewelery dealers upset, since everyone thinks of their wares as fine jewelery, but they are no longer allowed to market it as such. Which I find hysterical, since in one of my incarnations in dealing in vintage, I ran across an estate jewelery ring that was 9 kt. but had 10 kt sapphire mounted in it, and was appraised (purely on materials) at $750! (In 1983.) Never mind that 9 kt has been referred to as "gold" going waaaaay back.

Apparently, you are now required to put down something to this effect (lifted from the ebay web site):
”This item is made of an alloy that contains a percentage of gold (and has been stamped with '__kt') but should not be considered gold because under government guidelines this item does not contain a significant enough percentage to be considered gold.”
Descriptions must refer to the metal as "gold-tone."

Does anyone need more proof that the government is waaaay too involved in trivial aspects of life? (Yeah, government toady LJ snoops, I'm referring to you and talking SEDITION. Go stew on it.)

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